Colorful (2010)


„Colorful“ by Keiichi Hara. A spirit gets the opportunity to be reborn but he has to prove that he is worth it.

In fact, „Colorful“ is quite emotional and deals with serious topics such as pressure on school children. The movie makes us think about the seriousness of life and shows us what impact and influence school problems such as bullying can have on a human mind.



For example, a young boy, the protagonist, (tried to commit) committed suicide after having seen his mother being unfaithful, a girl he likes going to a Love Hotel with an mid-aged man, having no friends and bad grades. A young boy can not bear so much pressure and does not know how to deal with all of this.

However, having given a second chance might show you the world in a new and completely different perspective which brings the joy back in your life.

All in all, „Colorful“ deals with a serious and common topic which affects a lot of people and maybe not only school children. So we would definitely recommend this anime movie.



MikaYuu Hyakuya

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