Koe no Katachi (2016)



Koe no Katachi by Naoko Yamada. The movie tells a story about an elementary boy Shouya who is a bully. One day, as the deaf Shouko transfers into the class, Shouya and other classmates are making fun of her. However, after Shouko’s mother informs the class about these mockings, Shouya is the one who has to bear the blame. Shouko leaves the class and Shouya gets singled out by his classmates till middle school because of his cruelty. At highschool, he still regrets his past acts and wants to meet her again. So the movie is about Shouya’s yearning for a reunion with Shouko.

After the leaving of Shouko, Shouya himself becomes a victim of bullying and seems then to realize how cruel his acts were towards the other students, especially towards Shouko. The movie also shows that his past follows him through his life, so he wants to meet Shouko again to find his own „peace“ and to forgive himself. These guilty feelings make him believe that he deserves all the bad things happening to him.


Furthermore, „A Silent Voice“ illustrates the cruelty of kids in schools. It also depicts how serious and awful bullying is especially in schools. The movie is filled with emotional and dramatic aspects; one can feel the suffering of Shouko but also of Shouya. Moreover, a romantic relationship between both protagonists can also be seen but it is kept in the background. In other words, one can speak of a love story which differs from stereotypical romances. The focus is more on subjects such as friendship and forgiveness.

All in all, the movie deals with a very sensitive and actual topic which appears in almost every school. We really enjoyed watching this movie even though that the shedding of tears was sometimes inevitable.

The movie is based on a manga, but we haven’t read them yet so we are not able to compare. (>y<)


MikaYuu Hyakuya





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