Kari-gurashi no Arietti (2010)



Kari-gurashi no Arietti by Hirosama Yonebayashi. The movie tells the story of a tiny family. The main protagonist is Arrietty, a tiny girl who lives with her parents in a space in the human garden. The owners of the house have no idea. Arrietty loves doing adventures and so she accompanies her father on his „borrow trips“. The tiny people are called „borrowers“ meaning that they take/borrow stuff from the human world. Arrietty befriends with a human boy named Shou who suffers from a heart disease, however their friendship must be kept as a secret because of the risk of the discovery of Arrietty’s family.

The movie is about the development of their (uncommon) friendship. Arrietty and Shou are two different living beings but they seem to like each other. However, not every human being wants to befriend with the tiny people, some see them as vermin or a danger (e.g. Shou’s grandmother). In fact, „Kari-gurashi no Arietti“ shows that human beings want to destroy and kill everything they do not know. So the human world is a scary place for these tiny people.

Furthmore, the story is a good told tale which is easy to follow. A good depiction of the small items can also be seen. For example, the tools which the tiny people borrowed from the human house have a different usage in their own world  such as Arrietty’s hair clip.

zzz the secret world of arrietty doing her hair clip 79320_gal


All in all, the plot is very interesting and thrilling. The length of the movie is neither too long nor too short. So it is another successfull movie by Studio Ghibli.

MikaYuu Hyakuya


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