Another (2012) Anime


  • 12 episodes
  • by Tsutomu Mizushima
  • based on a novel and manga series


At the Yomiyama school, a tale has been told: In 1972, a middle school girl from class 3-3 named Misaki died and her classmates acted as if she were still alive. Since then, a yearly calamity pursued the school of Yomiyama. Every month, a classmate or one of their relatives die in a cruel way. 26 years later, Sakakibara transfers into class 3-3 where he meets a quiet girl named Misaki Mei. Somehow the other classmates and even the teachers are ignoring her as if she does not exist. However, as he refuses doing so, the calamity seems to happen again.

The anticipation in the anime is really enjoyable: Who is Misaki Mei? Why are the classmates and even the teachers ignoring her? Why is the yearly calamity happening ? In fact, the anime televison series is thrillng till the last episode. If you like horror stories and mystery, this anime is a must-see!


Favorite characters:

Naoya Teshigawara:


A student in the Yomiyama middle class 3-3. He is a good friend of the protagonist Sakakibara  and he was one of the first classmates who talked to him in class. He has a sympathetic and optimistic attitude and is very sociable with everyone. We like him because of his dumb (and funny) decisions such as (Spoiler Alert) the scene where he tries to kill one of his best friends. He is a comic relief because he lightens the audience up in dark moments/scenes.



Yuuya Mochizuki:


Another student in the Yomiyama middle class 3-3. He is Naoya’s best friend even though both are like day and night. Yuuya is a very shy and quiet character who is not sociable with strangers but with his friends. Moreover, he is very loyal to his friends which can be seen in the following scene: (Spoiler Alert) he helps Naoya to escape from the crazy old lady. With his feminine look, he looks very cute ( firstly we actually thought he was a girl).



All in all, the anime caught our attention since the first episode. The anime has a fantastic and unpredictable ending where all the pieces are coming together.

MikaYuu Hyakuya





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