Re:member (2014) Manga (vol. 1)


Re:member by Welzard and Katsutoshi Murase. The manga is about a legend of the „red girl“. According to this legend, the „red girl“ appears students who are alone after school classes. If you see her, you have to leave and must avoid to turn around. But if you do so, you will be cut into pieces. This happened to Haruka, a student, who asked her friends the other day to find the parts of her dead body. And so her friends are now part of the so-called „corpse search“ game. They find themselves in a dream dimension on the school campus at night. The „red girl“ also appears during the „corpse search“ and if Haruko’s classmates see her, they will die but in fact they are not really dead. The „corpse seach“ repeats every night until they find every part of her body.

The manga begins with the legend of the „red girl“. This introduction attracts the attention of the reader. It is thrilling to see if the classmates will reach the goal of the game. Indeed, „re:member“ consists of a creepy storyline and the animation is also a bit scary especially the depiction of the „red girl“ and the repetitive appearance of Haruka in front of her friends. We think that the manga is similar to the movies „The Ring“ and „The Grudge“ and if you like these genres, you will like the manga. However, we are not fond of these movies and so we find the manga very (very) scary.

Furthermore, we do not like the art of the manga. It is very simple and not very beautiful. All in all, the plot of the manga is kinda unusual and this makes it really interesting. Coming up with an idea of a game of a „corpse search“ is very creative. However, due to the scary storyline, we are not sure if we are gonna continue reading the manga.


MikaYuu Hyakuya


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