Blood Lad (2013) (anime)

Blood Lad (2013)

  • by Shigeyuki Miya
  • 1 season: 10+1 (OVA) episodes
  • based on manga

blood lad

The anime tells the story about a vampire named Staz living in the demon world. He is different than the typical vampires which means that he is not bloodthirsty and eats normal food including garlic. One day, a human girl named Fuyumi accidentally lands in the demon world. Unfortunately, she dies and turns into a ghost. Staz’s goal is to get her back to life again. The story follows the travel of Staz and Fuyumi joined by the spatial magician Bell and a half werewolf named Wolf. They have to overcome various difficulties to find a way to turn Fuyumi back in a human being.

The anime consists of many amusing adventures and supernatural elements such as the demon magic. The colorful art makes it very amusable to watch. The funny conversations and interactions between the characters are very remarkably and define the whole anime series. In fact, it is mostly the dark humor which dominates in every episode. The friendship between Staz and Wolf is very comedic. They hate and like each other at the same time. In addition, the interaction of both with Bell is interesting because even though they do not like each other, they work together to achieve the same goal: turning Fuyumi back into a human. Fuyumi is the one who keeps them together.

As the anime is dealing with “monsters” and demons, the plot takes mainly place in the demon world which is divided into different territories. The structure of the demon world is very well explained. The main demons are Wolf, Staz, Bell and Saty. Many ‘traditional’ monsters are illustrated in the anime such as vampires, werewolves, Frankenstein’s monster and even zombies.

Furthermore, ‘Blood Lad’ contains many interesting characters where some of them seem to be not very clever or intelligent especially Wolf and Staz. As already talking about Wolf and Staz, the author chose very simple names for his characters such as Wolf for a Werewolf, Staz Blood for a Vampire, and Frankenstein for Frankenstein’s monster. In fact, we like the choice of the names, because why choosing complicated names when you can go with the easy ones? Even though the anime is a bit short, we learn a bit from their past and the differences in their personalities are remarkable. Every demon has their own individual supernatural magic which is very well explained in the anime itself.


Favorite Characters:

Staz Blood


He is an unusual and untypical noble vampire, who is a big fan of anime and manga and so he is an otaku. Staz is very lazy and prefers to lay back while other works. However, he is also a rebel and is against the typical vampire stuff which includes the drinking of human blood. He seems to be dumb but has a very powerful magic which is sealed in his chest by a bullet. Staz is determined which means when he decides to do something, he is thrilling to do it and focuses on it until he achieves it.




Wolf is a long time friend and rival of Staz. He is a mixture of a werewolf and some other unknown demon species. In other words, he can take a human and half werewolf form. Being a werewolf makes him very powerful and so he has a lot of strength which he likes to show. He wants to conquer all territories in the demon world, so he challenges other bosses. He sometimes seems to be considerate of other people such as Fuyumi even though he prefers to present himself from his more rough personality.

blood lad2

However, a negative aspect of the anime is that it is way too short because it consists of only one season with only 10 episodes and one special (OVA). Most anime series contain 12 episodes. The ending is definitely too abrupt: (SPOILER ALERT: It reveals neither the sender nor the content of the letter Wolf received at the end. Therefore, one is kinda forced to read the mangas to continue the story).

Moreover, it is a shōnen anime which means it rather targets the male than the female audience. This can be easily seen on the depiction of female characters. However, we liked watching the anime. Additionally, the intro music was a great choice even though it contains some spoilers. We recommend the anime series, even though it is a bit too short, it is still worth to watch.

MikaYuu Hyakuya

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