Taifuu no Noruda (2015)

Typhoon Noruda

  • directed by Yōjirō Arai
  • short anime film


‘Taifuu no Noruda’ tells the story about a common place on an island in a random middle school in Japan where the students are making preparations for a culture festival. Two boys, Azuma and Saijo, are in a fight because Saijo does not like the idea that his best friend wants to quit the baseball team. The school scene gets interrupted by a sudden appearance of a huge typhoon and a mysterious young girl.

Unfortunately, the anime movie does not have a real plot. There is a sudden appearance of a mysterious girl whose relevance is not explained. However, she might be a sign to show that Azuma and Saijo should not fight because they are best friends. In addition, Azuma’s decision of leaving baseball might be a mistake. This is probably the only explanation of the purpose of her character in the movie. The main topic in the movie is friendship, especially between Saijo and Azuma.

There are some supernatural aspects included into the short anime film. Clearly, the mysterious girl who was maybe sent from heaven has the task to reborn or recreate the earth. Her spaceship and her magical necklace which shows a sort of a map are further supernatural elements.


The depiction of the typhoon is well shown, especially the impact of it. For instance, objects from outside fly through the school windows and almost hit students. Even though the students were kinda prepared as the typhoon came, they were still scared. However, the impact of the typhoon is not the main focus in the movie.

‘Taifuu no Noruda’ is filled with many negative points. There is a lack of information and explanations in the movie. For example, the origin of the girl is not explained: who is she and where does she come from? Moreover, the reason to reborn the earth is missing and the meaning behind her mysterious blue necklace which seems to be very important to her is not revealed. In fact, neither the plot nor the characters are good. There is a lack of character depths and development, in other words all characters are flat and emotionless. The story is more or less predictable: The main character, Azuma, saves and helps the mysterious girl. In addition, the way he saves the girl is a cliché. The movie is squeezed into 27 minutes, which makes it too short. The audience is left with many open questions which causes confusion. The movie should have been longer so that it includes more information, revelation and explanations.

We would not recommend the short film ‘Taifuu no Noruda’, because it is a waste of time and there exist definitely better short anime movies.

MikaYuu Hyakuya

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