Cencoroll (2009)


  • by Hiroaki Takeushi
  • short anime film


A big white creature suddenly appears in a town which seems to be nothing new for the citizens. Yuki, a young girl, is impressed by this creature and meets a young boy named Tetsu. He owns such a shape shifting creature called Cenco. Suddenly, both meet another boy named Shū who also owns such a creature and seems to be interested in Cenco, Tetsu’s monster. And so a battle between both has started.

The anime movie has a very creative plot with a surreal idea for a story. The plot can be compared to Pokemon fights: Tetsu owning an alien creature fighting an enemy (Shū) who also controls a creature: both boys start a battle with their monsters. Indeed, the movie is made for all kind of audience. One can say that the fights between the monsters is made for male viewers whereas the two calm male characters might attract female audience.


The most dominant aspects are the fantasy and supernatural elements. The movie is filled with big monsters or aliens which appear on earth. The setting is placed in the future and therefore the appearances of such creatures seem to be common in this city. Citizens are scared but do not look like if they were panicking. Cenco’s special ability is to transform in several objects (e.g. car or bycicle) like a shapeshifter. However, other monsters have the skills to be invisible. A funny aspect is that the monsters are controlled by the human’s electric cowlicks.

The characters in the anime movie are a bit odd. All of them show a very bored attitude and so represent a teenage mentality. To be honest, nowadays a majority of teenagers are bored and disinterested in most stuff. So you somehow understand the reactions in the movie that they are not astonished by anything anymore. Even the appearance of a big alien like a monster neither scares nor surprises them. (Spoiler Alert: Even as Tetsu lost his arm, he does not show any emotions or pain. In other words, he does not care.) In fact, being a short film, the anime does not contain many characters (only 3) but it is enough to follow the story more or less. Moreover, there is also a lack of character information and background story (maybe due to lack of time), but those are not necessary to follow the story.

‘Cencoroll’ also has some negative aspects. The boredom of the characters somehow also affects the audience. The movie also lacks of explanations because it is neither explained why these monsters are there nor why and how the boys are able to control them. The lack of these information makes it a bit difficult to fully understand the story.

The art of the animation is different because it is simple and strange. However, you get used to it during the movie. We do not like the animation in the movie, it could have been more detailed and a bit more beautiful, but it is a matter of taste.


All in all, the movie seems to be a bit odd at the beginning but it gets better. Even though it is a bit boring, the structure of the movie is like a rollercoaster. One can say that the movie somehow depicts how demotivated and disinterested most teenagers are or can be nowadays. Side Note: There is a scene after the credits.

MikaYuu Hyakuya

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