Kamo Vol.2 (2018)

Kamo 2

  • manga
  • by Ban Zarbo


Check out our post about the first volume of Kamo , since the plot is the same. (⌒∇⌒)

The ghost hunting trip of Kamo and Crimson goes on and this time, Kamo faces many obstacles on his adventure. In comparison to the first book, the race of time is more or less put in the background in this volume.

Volume 2 continues with many supernatural elements. More different types of ghosts are included. For instance, an interesting depiction is the ghost ‘Mother’. The combination of her name and the fact that she is looking for her baby is very creative. In addition, she has the ability to turn people into stones when they look at her which is comparable to the myth of Medusa. A further supernatural element is the location in a dreamworld more precisely in Kamo’s dreamworld: Ghosts he has caught are presented as statues. A new ability of Kamo is the usage of the powers of caught ghosts which makes him stronger.

Just as the first volume, Kamo 2 is also filled with many funny and comedy aspects. The conversations between Kamo and Crimson are the highlights. In fact, the manga does not disappoint in terms of comedy. One can say that the story is a mixture of comedy and thriller; it is very interesting to follow Kamo and Crimson’s adventures catching ghosts.

Another significant point is the character development. Especially, the main protagonist Kamo has done an obvious and extreme development. He is more self confident and stronger as he used to be. Moreover, he seems to have more motivation to catch all these ghosts. However, not only Kamo but also Shokola, his faithful companion and friend, changes. She opens up towards Kamo and tells him one of her darkest secrets she had carried for so long. She is also more trustworthy towards Kamo.

Furthermore, the art of the manga is very appealing and fascinating especially the character design is very beautiful. We are really fond of the design of Mother who looks very scary which makes the story more mature and thrilling (she is also illustrated on the back cover). The cover contains many beautiful colors, it goes more into a bluish hue. However, we personally prefer the cover of the first volume because it is more attractive (especially Kamo with his hand holding his bloody heart).

We really like the idea of the adding of collection cards in both volumes. The cards are very amusing and give you few information about the ghosts. We are definitely going to follow Kamo and his friends until the end.


MikaYuu Hyakuya

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