Luxcon 2018

Festival de l’imaginaire – LuxCon 2018 – Fantastik Festival

  • 14-15 April 2018

This post reviews our experience at the LuxCon 2018 in Luxembourg. The comic convention lasted for two days, however we visited it only on Sunday. The weather was great, cloudy and no rain, and perfect for Cosplayers. So we also decided to cosplay (actually it was our first time) and we chose Crowley Eusford and Ferid Bathory from the anime and manga series Owari no Seraph.

Many great and unique cosplayers from various fictional characters were there such as: Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Deadpool, etc. In addition, there were even people who cosplayed characters from anime and manga: Yūri!!! On Ice, Kuroko no Basket, Tokyo Ghoul and so on. One of the highlights was Mika from Owari no Seraph.

With Mika and Yūri!!! On Ice: Yurio, Yūri and Victor!


Star Wars!

More great costumes!

Many stands with merchandise and goods were there. Even though that the comic stands were dominant, they also sold many anime merch such as figures, posters and plush toys. So we could not resist and bought some stuff. (^▽^)

That’s what we bought! 2 Posters and 2 Plush Toys (^ω^)

Another great organisation was the Cosplay contest. The great costumes and creative performances made it very enjoyable and entertaining. However, they could have put on some screens for people who stood at the back. As you can see, we were not able to see that much and therefore the photos were blurry and not very clear.

Cosplay Contest and Battle Fights

All in all, we really enjoyed the convention and had a lot of fun. It was a great atmosphere and the fantastic cosplayers made the stay even more entertaining and amusing.

Here are some photos taken by professional photographers:

Photo by Mugen.


Photo by Mélanie Schons.




Side Note: If there are any people on the photos who want them to be removed, please let us know (^ω^) .

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