Oyasumi Jack the Ripper (2016) (vol.1)

Oyasumi Jack the Ripper (vol.1)

  • Goodnight Jack The Ripper (German Release 2017)
  • Manga
  • by Ai Ninomiya, Ikuhiro Nao, Kinako

The manga tells the story of Edward, an executioner, who kills convicted people with an oversized scissor. One day, he gets stabbed and ends up in hell. There, he encounters strange and unexpected experiences in a hair saloon called “Salon de Jack the Ripper” with the manager Jack and his companion Wolf.

The manga has an interesting plot and is completely different as expected. It is not about the famous Jack the Ripper and his crimes. He plays a different role in the manga: he runs a hair salon in hell. Even though the manga is a mystery, it includes many bloody scenes. Furthermore, many suspenses are included such as: Why was Edward send to Jack in the salon? What is this ticket to Heaven, does it really bring you up to Heaven?

Clearly, the manga contains many supernatural elements such as a living reflection mirror, vampires, a werewolf (Wolf) and many other kinds of monsters. Indeed, the main characters Jack the Ripper and Edward Scissorhands are both human beings living in hell. Even the rules in hell are not as easy as Edward has thought. In hell, you still have to work and killing is not free of charge. So, you can not die in hell no matter what you do and you even have to pay taxes and a rent.


An fascinating aspect is the inclusion and the alternation of the myths. For instance, Edward Scissorhands is known by many people as the man with scissors instead of hands and fingers. However, in the manga he is named Scissorhands because he cuts people’s heads off with a big scissor. SPOILER ALERT: Hints of the story or rather the background of Jack the Ripper is revealed at the end which might be interpreted that his story might be the same as in the myths.

Even though the manga contains bloody scenes, many funny elements are also included. The conversations between characters are the comic relief, especially between Jack and Edward. Jack has a very chaotic personality: He owns a hair salon (Salon de Jack the Ripper) but he does not even cut or know how to cut hair. A further amusing relation between characters is the one between Wolf and the vampire named Red Riding Hood (a further famous name taken from a fairy tale) who has a desire for Wolf.


Next is the analyze of the characters. The background stories of the characters are not missing and very well explained especially the one of Wolf is very emotional. In fact, the main characters had to suffer in their past and childhood and this also applies to Jack and Edward. Not only their background stories but also the characters themselves are very interesting. They all have their own and different personalities which makes the manga so amusing.


Favorite Characters:

Edward Scissorhands


Edward was an french executioner in his former life on earth. He is also known by the name ‘Monsieur de Paris’. He did not care or show any emotions towards his victims. In hell, he is an ‘employee’ in the “Salon de Jack the Ripper” where he has to cut hair.




Wolf is a werewolf and works in the “Salon de Jack the Ripper”. Indeed, he is Jack’s loyal companion and watchdog. He is very emotional and more or less affectionate. He has a cute human appearance whereas his wolf form is very scary.


The art and animation of “Goodnight Jack the Ripper” is amazing. Firstly, the cover design is noticeable. The beautiful bright red color attracts the reader’s attention and might represent the blood. In addition, the front cover shows Edward Scissorhands whereas the back cover contains a picture of Jack the Ripper and Wolf. The art in the book itself is very detailed and well done. The character design is smooth and the emotions are clearly noticeable. We really like the creative shapes of the different kind of monsters. In fact, the artists had done a very good work on the art and animation. Worth mentioning is also the cute depiction of Wolf when he has his ‘human’ form.

All in all, we really like the storyline of ‘Goodnight Jack the Ripper’. It is very thrilling and amusing. We definitely recommend it, especially to those who like mystery, comedy and thriller.

(Side Note: This post only summarizes volume 1 of 3)


MikaYuu Hyakuya

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