Toki o Kakeru Shōjo (2006)

Toki o Kakeru Shōjo

  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
  • by Mamoru Hosoda


The movie tells the story of Makoto Konno who is a high school student in her last year. She doesn’t really know what to do in the future and her teachers are making a lot of pressure. However, she prefers spending her time with her best friends such as playing baseball. Suddenly, one day she realizes that she can literally leap through time and this changes her life. Makoto actually plays around with this new power and clearly she faces many problems because every choice has its consequences.

The plot is about a girl travelling through time which is not a creative idea for a story. It is quite a common topic nowadays. However, the anime movie contains suspenses. You always want to know what will happen next and how Makoto is going to change the past.


The movie is filled with many funny and comedy elements. The main protagonist Makoto seems to be clumsy especially at the beginning of the anime: Many unlucky things happen to her such as the failing of the surprising test at school. Additionally, the relationship between Makoto and her best friends Chiaki and Kouzuke is very amusing. Even her time leaping moments bring you to laugh, because she kinda stumbles into the past.

Moreover, it also contains many emotional scenes. Makoto does everything to help other people and make them happy while on the other side she is very selfless. She also tries to help one of her best friends Kouzuke but in the end she hurts him more than helping him. Indeed, she even hurts herself due to her selfless acts and so the movie contains some really touching scenes.


Another aspect to analyze are the characters. Unfortunately, we think that the characters are not very interesting and therefore rather boring. There are no real background stories and the characters themselves are kept very simple. However, the relationship of the three best friends is well done, whereas the movie fails in explicitly showing Makoto’s character development. Therefore the characters are rather a negative aspect.

The anime movie has an interesting message: everything has consequences. Time leaping and especially changing the past are not always a good idea. Makoto has done many actions through selfishness and ignorance. She thinks that changing things in the past will lighten up the present or even the future. However, this is not true, it will harm more than doing anything good, especially towards fellow humans.


Another negative point is the art of animation, however this is more a matter of taste. We do not like the art neither the character design nor the nature elements. The animation could have been done a bit more detailed because it is kept very simple. In contrast, the time leaping process is well done and really interesting.

All in all, the movie was enjoyable to watch however we do not like the ending. It is a bit confusing and kinda disappointing. One does have the feeling that it is incomplete and lacks of explanation. So we would rather not recommend the movie, because there exist much better anime movies.



MikaYuu Hyakuya

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