Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet (2015)

Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet

  • This Lonely Planet (German release 2017)
  • by Mika Yamamori
  • manga

The manga tells the story of Fumi, a high school student who actually had a different imagination and idea of her new home. Her father has a lot of debts and she tries to do everything to repay them: so she starts to work as a housekeeper for an author. Indeed, is it the perfect job to earn money easily? Unfortunately, not. Her new boss is a taciturn, arrogant and solitary young man in his mid-twenties. Fumi does not have a real room and her works in the house are more or less disregarded. What should she do? Should she quit and live on the streets? In fact, there is something very mysterious about that young author.

The manga has a lovely storyline. Fumi, a young girl, who has to do the household for a young boy named Kibikino. Firstly, he seems to be arrogant but then he turns into being unexpectedly warm hearted. As he finds out about Fumi’s tragically story, he is nicer to her and even gives her a real room. The plot is a bit cliché: a lovely girl working for an arrogant young boy who turns out to have a caring personality.


Being a romance story, the manga contains many emotional scenes. The first one is clearly that Fumi has to do part-time jobs to support her family because of the debts. She has lost her home whereas her father has travelled for work. Other emotional scenes affect the conversations and meetings between Fumi and the new student Isshin.

Many funny elements are also included, especially the interactions and conversations between Fumi and Kibikino. Their first meeting is awkwardly funny: Fumi finds him sleeping on the floor and her first thought is: a dead body! Also his rude attitude towards her and the awkward situations between them bring some laughter.

Both main characters (Fumi and Kibikino) make a small development, which is kinda interesting because this already happens in the first volume. For instance, Kibikino, as being arrogant and selfish, shows a caring and nice side of his personality.

The art and animation in the manga is really good and quite neat. In fact, we like the character style, because is has a very cute design. The cover also contains lovely colors and a sweet depiction of Fumi on the front cover. Kibikino is on the back cover with a more relaxed and cool look of a young boy.


All in all, ‘This Lonely Planet’ was the first shōjo manga we have read so far, as you know we prefer shōnen mangas. However, the storyline in this manga is really interesting and emotional. Even though it does not contains many action scenes we consider on continue reading it. In addition, we also like the idea of the adding of a magnet to the first volume.


MikaYuu Hyakuya

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