Tsumitsuki (2009)


  • German release 2011
  • by Hiro Kiyohara
  • Manga (One Shot)


The story starts with Chinatsu who is new in the city. She meets a boy named Kuroe at the shrine who tells her about ancient legends of the so-called Tsumitsuki. Those are sin gods who chase after the guilt of humans who have committed a crime. Then they curse the sinner and enter their hearts. Will Chinatsu also become part of the legend?

The storyline is very creative and unique: a demon starts developing in human bodies when those have any feelings of guilt or sin. The plot is easy to follow due to the good explanations especially of the myth of the ‘Tsumitsuki. In addition, the story does not show any sign of love or romance which we prefer for a mystery manga genre. A further interesting fact is that the story is divided into short ones. The last and special chapter shows the background story of Kuroe which is an important aspect. Nevermind we have to mention that Kuroe slightly reminds us of Gin from ‘Hotarubi no Mori e’ also due to his mask.


The manga deals with some serious topics which are also present in the real world such as exclusion from classmates, bullying, forbidden love affairs with a teacher and domestic violence such as child abuse. It depicts how, here especially girls, have to suffer from harassments. The mangaka perfectly shows how envy and jealousy can lead people to awful actions such as murder.

Besides serious topics, the book also shows many supernatural elements. The main elements are the demons who turn people into horrific creatures and monsters. In other words, those demons eat them up from the inside, so that there is no way out. Spoiler Alert: Kuroe is a demon hunter or rather he is a demon himself who has to feed on Tsumitsuki.


The characters in ‘Tsumitsuki’ are quite interesting. Kuroe tells the legend of the Tsumitsuki to every girl he meets at the shrine. Indeed, he has a quite interesting personality. He is not only sneaky but also selfish. However, one can say that he develops empathy for the victims at the end of the manga and so a character development can be noticed. The other characters are only girls from high school who differ in their personality. Each of them deals differently with their sins.


The art of the manga is very well done. Beginning with the cover, it is very dark which goes into grey hue. In addition, a girl wearing a high school uniform with bloody hands is depicted. This cover is very appealing and attracts readers who are interested in dark and horror stories. Like the front cover, the back cover is also filled with a dark color. However, this time a young boy is depicted. This boy is Kuroe holding a mask and having yellow eyes. Besides the cover, we are also very fascinated by the design in the manga itself. The lines are very beautiful and the handsome depictions of the characters are a further positive aspect. The emotions are well drawn and also the different forms of Tsumitsuki are very well depicted.


All in all, the mangaka chooses a very creative idea for the plot. It is thrilling, interesting and amusing at the same time which means that also some funny elements are included. If you like mystery stories, you are gonna love that one. Many suspenses are included and the characters are very divers. Unfortunately, it is a one shot manga which means there is only one volume and no more stories are following. We really like the storyline and wanted to know how it goes on and what will happen to Kuroe.


MikaYuu Hyakuya

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