Shōnen Maid (2016)

Shōnen Maid

  • Boy Maid
  • 1 Season: 12+OVA episodes
  • by Yusuke Yamamoto
  • based on manga


The story is about the elementary school student Chihiro Komiya who has suddenly lost his mother and has neither a home nor family. Indeed, everything changes as he meets his long lost uncle Madoka Takatori who is quite rich and a bit of an airhead. He takes care of Chihiro. After having arrived at his big mansion, Chihiro is shocked by all the dust and garbage. Having a mania for cleaning, he starts cleaning the house immediately. ‘Shōnen Maid’ shows how Chihiro, dressed in an housemaid uniform made by his uncle, begins a new life in a rich household.

The anime series has an interesting and amusing plot. It shows a young elementary boy dressed up as a housemaid. He is very fond of doing housework such as cleaning and cooking. In return for this, he can live in Madoka’s house without being indebted to him. Chihiro takes a lot of responsibility of the house and also of Madoka who seems to be bit chaotic. An interesting fact is that every episode (including the titles) is like an advice or rather a lecture about life. In addition, the anime series tells short stories which are funny and very amusing. Therefore, one can say that there is no fluid plot from the start till the end which is by no means a bad thing. Many drama scenes are included whereas no action scenes can be seen which are also not necessary for this anime series. Nonetheless, every episode kinda has their own little suspenses which increase towards to end. We really like the switching of the roles of the adult and child: Chihiro acts more like an adult person whereas Madoka has a childish attitude.


‘Shōnen Maid’ contains a handful of serious and emotional topics. Especially the young boy Chihiro has a more or less tragic life. He has lost his mother and still misses her. Starting a new life by living in a brand new house with his still alienate wealthy uncle Madoka is a new and unfamiliar experience for him. He knows nothing about the house neither about his family nor about Madoka’s life. Chihiro’s mom was poor and so the contrast between both situations, being poor and now rich, can be clearly noticed. The flashbacks of Chihiro but also of Madoka are quite sad and heartbreaking such as the scene of being sick and having a cold or fever. Not only Chihiro’s yearning for his mom but also some fight scenes between both main protagonists are emotional.

One of the main topics in the anime are the funny elements especially the personalities and attitudes of both main characters. Firstly, Chihiro is a cleaning freak who feels forced to clean everything. Madoka seems to be very chaotic and childish compared to Chihiro. In other words, Chihiro is mature whereas Madoka is definitely the contrast which brings many laughter. Further funny scenes are the conversations between both characters which include several disputes. Madoka is very fond of cats; even though he is allergic to their fur he tries keeping them at his mansion.


We really like the character depiction in the series. A very obvious element are the embarrassing moments between Chihiro and his uncle Madoka. They really don’t have the courage to share their feelings and thoughts. Nonetheless, they still try to help each other wherever possible. For example, Chihiro always cheers Madoka up when he is in bad mood.


Favorite Characters:

Chihiro Komiya


Chihiro is an intelligent elementary school student and has a mania for cleaning. Besides from being a great cook, he works as a maid at Madoka’s house. For his age, he seems quite mature and independent. In fact, this attitude might come from his mother who taught him that those who don’t work don’t eat.  He can be very strict to his uncle but also cares a lot for him .


Madoka Takatori


Madoka is Chihiro’s uncle and is very wealthy as possessing a huge mansion. He has a very childish personality however when it comes to his work as a designer he starts acting like an adult. He is very lazy but is a very kind and gentle person as he takes care of Chihiro since their first meeting even though the child is still a stranger for him. In fact, he is not even good with strangers.


The art of animation is very well done. We like the cute and young appearances of the characters especially their big eyes. Also the cute little animals such as the puppy and the kitten are neat. Even though the characters have an adorable design they differ in their appearances. Whereas Madoka has a beautiful and appealing presentation, Chihiro is depicted in a more cuter way. We also like the different kind of dresses designed by Madoka because of their details and variations. Furthermore the music and melody during the episodes fit perfectly. It brings many drama and happiness. The opening theme is really fascinating and catchy. The ending theme is a song by the Uchoten Boys (the band in the anime series) and is very entertaining. Their other songs included in the anime are also not bad.


All in all, ‘Shōnen Maid’ is really amusing to watch and brings many laughter. It attracts rather younger and female audience especially due to the cute animation of the characters. Nonetheless, the combination of drama and comedy makes the anime series even more enjoyable. We also like the inclusion of some serious topics such as the loss of somebody loved. We definitely recommend it because is it worth to watch especially when you want to laugh a lot.


MikaYuu Hyakuya

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