Owari no Seraph: Battle of Nagoya (2015)

Owari no Seraph: Battle of Nagoya

  • Seraph of the End: Battle of Nagoya
  • Season 2: 12 episodes
  • by Daisuke Tokudo


After 6 years, Yūichirō Hyakuya is reunited with his best friend Mikaela Hyakuya whom he thought was dead. However, Yū discovers that Mika is a vampire and so he tries to help him. Yū tries to get stronger and stronger to not only protect his best friend but also his comrades in the Moon Demon Company. On the other side, Kureto Hīragi  sends Guren Ichinose’s group to Nagoya to fight and kill vampire nobles. Shinoa Squad is part of Guren’s team and so Yū also works on mastering his demon weapon. This power is quite important to kill vampire nobles and to save his best friend.

The anime series consists of a great and thrilling plot as it continues from the story of the first season. Nonetheless, many suspenses and questions will appear while watching the series: Is Guren really thrustful or is Kureto the one who should not be trusted? Are the vampires really the worst creatures compared to the humans? One thing is clear, neither the vampires nor the humans are brave. Both are skilled and thrilled to kill the other ‘race’.


One of the main and definitely dominant topic is friendship. Especially the relationship between old friends Mika and Yū is very strong. They are holding together no matter what even though Mika is one of the creatures (vampire) which Yū hates the most. For Yū, Mika is still his family and his goal is to save him from the vampires. A funny fact is: Mika’s goal is to save Yū from the humans. Both put themselves into danger just to help and protect their family. For example, Mika makes a suicidal and fatal move as he tries to save Yū. He almost bleeds to death just to help his best friend. The flashback in the anime shows the past lives of both friends as they were at the orphans home. This is a good and enormous contrast to the present, but also shows some similarities as both are still laughing together. It is like a family reunion. A further interesting point regarding family is as Yoichi sees Mika as a part of his family even though he doesn’t know him. Also the friendship between Guren and Shinya who mostly dispute, starts to get closer in the battle of Nagoya.


Another topic deals with betrayal and distrust not only within the vampire city but also the human society. Indeed, especially Ferid does not trust the vampire queen Krul Tepes and the same vise versa. In fact, Krul cannot kill him as he knows many secrets about her. Another example is Crowley who suspects a traitor within the vampires and the first one coming to his mind is Ferid Bathory. Indeed, Crowley even asks Ferid if he was the one who revealed his position to the demon army and Ferid confirms it more or less. Within the human society the distrust is even bigger. Especially the Hīragi Family shows some suspicious sides. For example, Kureto,who might become the new leader of the Imperial Demon Army, is very cruel and merciless especially as he tortures Kimizuki and Yoichi from the Shinoa Squad. He also doesn’t trust Shinya because he is in good terms with Guren (in fact: Guren is quite unpopular among the Hīragi Family).


Clearly the anime contains many supernatural elements. At the end of season 1, Yū transforms into a Seraph and so one can assume that he was used for experiments. In addition, the vampire myths are also still present for example Mika’s strong yearning for blood and also how he suffers from avoiding to drink. Also the power of the vampires in comparison to the humans are again quite visible. For instance, Crowley managed to win against the whole Shinoa Squad including Shinya and Guren and so their demon weapons are still not very useful against noble vampires.

Some funny scenes are also present. We really love the relationship between Guren and Shinya as they have many disputes. One of our favorite scenes is as Shinya arrives in a flashy sports car. A further amusing scene is as Yū and Narumi are talking about their plan to kill the vampire nobles and Yū, not even knowing their names, starts giving them funny nicknames.


Some new characters are introduced such as Makoto Narumi and his squad. Also a character development is shown in the anime. For example, Mika who is mostly shown as very cold and grumpy starts to laugh again when he is with Yū. He also starts to (re)learn the meaning of friendship as he was protected by Shinoa in the battle. Nonetheless, Mika still has a distrusting feeling towards her squad. However, his best friend Yū makes a rather negative character development: He is losing his humanity as his demon and ‘Seraph’ are trying to take control over his body. He is becoming more and more a demon as he is accepting its power which is feeding on his strong desire of  revenge.


Favorite Characters:

Guren Ichinose


Guren is mostly distracted and annoyed by his subordinates especially by Yū and his squad. Even though he seems to be lazy, in reality he works hard. He has often disputes with his camarades but actually he cares a lot about his friends.


Shinya Hīragi


Shinya has a calm and cool personality who smiles all the time. He is even quite relaxed and cheerful during missions and as a teacher especially to Yoichi. Shinya also likes to joke around with Guren and seems to be very loyal towards his friends and comrades.


For the art and animation, we like the fight scenes which are easy to follow especially the one at the Nagoya City Hall which is the residence of Crowley Eusford. Shinya and Guren fighting against Crowley is quite amusing and very well drawn. We like the art of the different cities and their destruction elements. Not only the environment scenes are beautifully drawn, also the characters are a highlight. The different appearances of them are really great. The music and themes in the anime are very fascinating and fit perfectly. The opening theme ‘Toward the Truth’ by Two Souls and the ending ‘Orarion’ by Nagi Yanagi are amazing. We love them even though we prefer the opening and ending themes of season 1.


All in all, we recommend watching the second season of ‘Owari no Seraph’ because the storyline is really great. It also contains many entertaining and amusing elements. Therefore we hope for a third season because the ending is still a cliffhanger and you definitely wanna know how it goes on. Indeed, we are reading the manga and some things are a bit different but if you wanna know how this goes on, we recommend to read the manga. More and more interesting and amazing information are going to be released.

MikaYuu Hyakuya


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