Ltl Comic Con 2019

Ltl Comic Con 2019


The Ltl Comic Con was a quite small (tiny) convention organised by a high school. Indeed, at the beginning not much was happening, it seemed to be quite empty. However more and more people were coming. The organisation and the program was not that bad. The latter contained some interviews, concerts and even a cosplay contest which was the highlight. People seemed to have had much fun especially during the contest. As the contest came closer more and more cosplayers appeared and they all looked so fantastic, many different costumes were presented such as from DC comics, anime and Star Wars.



Our cosplays were Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler.



We participated in the contest where we decided to perform some scenes from the anime (we put an audio together with some scenes). Even though not many cosplayers participated in it, it was really awesome. We had much fun but were very nervous to get on stage because it was the first time we have participated in a contest. A surprising thing was that we were under the best 3. (^▽^) We were really surprised that people loved it as we got many positive critics afterwards. We have to say that the acts of every cosplayer on stage were great. We also met many great and kind cosplayers who we hope to meet again at the Luxcon in April.



For our performance, check out our instagram: LuxTwinsCosplay

All in all, even though the con was very tiny, the atmosphere was not bad. However the organisation of the con was a bit chaotic but we had a lot of fun. A positive point was that they had dressing rooms for the cosplayers and that the money was donated to a charity. If the con will take place next year again, we are definitely going again.

Side Note: If there are any people on the photos who want them to be removed, please let us know (^ω^) .


MikaYuu Hyakuya


2 Kommentare zu „Ltl Comic Con 2019

  1. Hallo, geht’s euch gut?
    Neulich hatte ich Besucher aus Deutschland.
    Sie haben ein bisschen in Saga und Karatsu Seichi Jyunrei ( Besuchen die Plätze, die zum Anime verwendet werden) für Yuri on Ice und Zombie land Saga gemacht.
    Yuri on Ice kenne ich nicht aber Zonbieland Saga sahen wir auch, besonders mag mein Mann Zonbieland Saga 🙂

    Gefällt 1 Person

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