Luxcon 2019

Festival de l’imaginaire – LuxCon 2018 – Fantastik Festival

  • 13-14 April 2019

This post is about the LuxCon, a convention in Luxembourg. The convention lasts 2 days and this time we also visited it on two days. The weather was very cold and cloudy with some snow showers but inside the hall the temperature was pleasant. Moreover it was more crowded on saturday as on sunday. We also put on our costumes and we chose to wear Ferid Bathory and Crowley Eusford from Owari no Seraph on saturday and Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler (Yume100 version) on sunday.

We enjoyed the convention and many people asked for pictures. They liked our cosplays and we really appreciate it. We really love to pose for pictures but we also like to take pictures with other wonderful cosplayers. A further amazing moment is when people recognize you as your cosplayer name: LuxtwinsCosplay. In addition, we have met many great cosplayers with amazing outfits. It is always great to see people enjoying this passion. Also the cosplayers at the ‘Cosplay contest’ did an amazing performance, which took place on sunday.

Here are some pictures from the Cosplay Showcase and Contest:


Furthermore, we also bought some merch (which we mostly do on conventions^^). Even though there weren’t much anime stuff, we still found some merch we like. We hope that there will be more anime merch next year.

All in all, we had an amazing time at the LuxCon. The organisation was also well done, we like the cosplay showcase and the contest of course. The fact that many cartoonists and mangakas were invited even some from Luxembourg was one of our highlights.

Here are some pictures we took on the convention such as vendor stands and the hall itself.

We will definitely come back next year. An interesting fact: Last year, LuxCon was our first convention. We are still fascinated by how many Luxembourgish cosplayers there are, they are all so amazing and also so kind and friendly. We can’t wait for next year and maybe we also gonna participate in the cosplay contest. 🙂

Side Note: If there are any people on the photos who want them to be removed, please let us know (^ω^) .

MikaYuu Hyakuya

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