Devil’s Line (2018)

Devil’s Line

  • based on manga
  • 1 Season: 12 episodes + 1 OVA


The anime tells the story about murders apparently caused by vampires which even reaches the network gossip. Tsukasa, a normal school girl, is quite frightened by these supernatural stories as she has constantly the feeling being watched by someone. On the other side, Anzai is an investigator who chases after out of control vampires. He rescues Tsukasa from a vampire who is responsible for several murders. Indeed he gets more and more attached to her and struggles keeping his secret: being a half vampire who tries to prevent drinking blood.

The story line is quite creative: Vampires live among humans without their knowledge even the government has no idea because their appearance does not differ from humans. It’s a supernatural story mixed with romantic and love elements. You get to know more and more about the lifestyle of vampires such as their bloodlust being closely associated with sex impulses. We really like the anime as it contains many suspenses: is it possible for humans and vampires being in a love relationship despite their uncontrollable bloodlust? Indeed, vampires are seen as dangers and labeled as monsters, but who are the real monsters here, vampires or humans? There is even a community who wants to eliminate every single vampire.


The anime series contains many emotional aspects as there is a love story present. Tsukasa has love feelings towards Anzai since their first meeting even though this meeting was more like an  aggression on her. Nevermind, she trusts him since then. It is clear that both share the same feelings but do not have the courage to confess. Also their friendship bond is strong as they do everything to help each other. For example, as Tsukasa got harassed by a professor, Anzai interacts resulting him almost killing the offender. This scene is kinda emotional especially as both making eye contact: Anzai sees the fear in Tsukasa’s eyes which makes him angry and almost uncontrollable. Being not under control especially due to the lack of blood drinking, makes the vampires such as Anzai suffering a lot. They try everything to keep it under control and to not hurt others especially loved-ones. Anzai hates the fact that he is a monster which is a danger to the humans.


Not only emotional aspects are present in the anime, also horror and supernatural elements can be found as the anime series is about vampires. These vampires are called ‘oni’ meaning devil or demon. An interesting aspect is that vampires even work together with the police who are humans by the way (e.g. Anzai) to hunt other vampires. Many bloody scenes are shown which makes the anime a bit brutal as you can see horrible killing scenes such as body parts being ripped off. Also the depiction of vampires are really scary and hideous.


The characters show a great difference in their personality which makes them even more interesting. The main characters Anzai and Tsukasa are definitely the most impressive ones but also minor characters such as Hans Lee (another vampire), and other characters such as Sawazaki and Kikuhara


Favorite Characters:

Tsukasa Taira


Tsukasa is a very gentle and kind girl. She is a bit shy and doesn’t like boys with the exception of Anzai. In addition, she accepts every kind of person, may it be a human or a devil. She doesn’t make a difference between both creatures. She is very patient and doesn’t get angry with people.


Yūki Anzai


Anzai is a reserved and calm half vampire. However when being transformed he gets more violent due to his enormous bloodlust. He always wants to protect Tsukasa as he somehow develops feelings for her. Even though he years for blood, he follows the role to not drink any blood.


The art of the anime series is well done and detailed. We really like the design and the depiction of vampires who are shown as ugly and frightening creatures. However they look like normal humans when they are not transformed. Indeed a remarkable element is when they haven’t drunk any blood  black rings are showing up under their eyes. This is kinda an interesting aspect as these rings might depict that these ‘creatures’ are exhausted and suffer due to the lack of blood drinking. This makes them looking like sick ‘humans’. The character design is great but we must say that most female characters show a more or less sexist depiction. We like the design of the vampires as they show big fangs and red eyes.


We are very fond of the opening theme „Eclipse“ by Shouta Aoi and the ending theme song „Sotto Toketeyuku Yō ni“ by Mamoru Miyano (who also sang songs for the anime series ‘Free’ such as ‘’Splash Free’).

All in all, we definitely recommend ’Devil’s Line’ especially when you are fond of fantasy stories including vampires and other supernatural aspects. An amusing fact is that it also contains a romantic story which is not put too much into the highlight. The anime is filled with many thrilling scenes and moments. However, we have to admit that the ending was a bit kitschy but this does not have an impact on our satisfaction of the anime.


MikaYuu Hyakuya

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