Planetarian – Hoshi no Hito (2016)

Planetarian – Hoshi no Hito

  • Planetarian – Storyteller of the Stars
  • by Naokatsu Tsuda
  • based on a game, novel and series


The story takes place in the future where the world is almost completely devastated by a nuclear and biological warfare. A young Junker who explores abandoned cities ends up in a department store which contains a planetarium where customers seem to be still awaited. Indeed, the Junker helps the robot to fix the projector for the planetarium, but the impact on both fates due to this repair was not expected.

Many flashbacks are included which mostly represent the Junkers life as he also tells the story to Yumemi, the robot working at the planetarium. She shows him the stars and so he also wants to pass on this knowledge. One can say that the film can be separated in two stories: the past and the present. The latter takes place in a city where some kids are helping him to rebuild a planetarium projector so that the Junker can show them the stars.


Clearly, the anime is filled with many science fiction as it takes place in the future. Not only the appearance of the robots but also the destroyed cities are proofs. In fact, there are neither people nor cars on the street just a couple of robots who want to kill the Junker except for Yumemi who is some different kind of robot as she wants to help people.

A lot of drama can also be detected as many emotional scenes are included especially between Yumemi and the Junker. The harmonie between both “creatures” is very interesting and fascinating as he kinda cares for her and she even risks her life to save him. The ending of the anime is quite emotional and also heart trending.


However, the movie also contains some funny scenes as Yumemi keeps on addressing the Junker as ‘okyaku-sama’ (meaning ‘guest‘ in Japanese). We love that she is such a chatterbox and that he is annoyed by her attitude. Another aspect is that she constantly falls over stones and her lack of understanding utterances is so amusing.

In fact, not many characters are included in the movie but the two main protagonists show different personalities. Yumemi the android is always very friendly, nice and kind hearted whereas the Junker shows a more rough and tough personality. The story in the present time shows how helpful the children are and how worried they are about the old Junker.


Next, the art is really good. We like the design of the characters as they are quite cute especially Yumemi and the children. The background is very well drawn, the apocalyptical depiction of the earth such as destroyed cities and ice coverage is fascinatingly drawn. The stars from the planetarium projector is so beautiful as they seem quite realistic.

Nonetheless, the anime movie also contains some negative aspects. The lack of characters (most of the time, only 2 can be seen) makes the movie a bit boring and the story moves on very slow. The constant repetition of “Okyaku-sama” (when you watch the original version) by Yumemi gets over time quite annoying.


All in all, the movie is amusing to watch but the lack of action scenes and the long storylining makes it kinda hard to watch and therefore also a bit boring. As not many suspenses are included we would rather not rewatch it however the story itself is quite unique and interesting.

MikaYuu Hyakuya

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