Tokyo Ghoul: √A (2015)

Tokyo Ghoul: √A

  • Season 2 (12 episodes)
  • by Shuhei Morita
  • based on manga


This season starts with Ken Kaneki who finally accepts his ghoul form which he used to fear. He also managed to escape the torture and joins the Aogiri Tree, a militant group which used to be against him. However, being a member of this group makes his friend suspicious. Clearly the anime follows the story of the increasing rivalry between the CCG and the ghouls as the CCG wants to annihilate every single ghoul which is a danger for the Anteiku group (Kens former friends such as Touka and Hinami). Ken experiences many battles which turn him more and more into a monster and so he risks of losing his humanity.


The storyline is very interesting as everyone starts to go their own way such as Ken is now a member of the Aogiri tree and works with Touka’s brother Ayato. Touka continues working at the Anteiku cafe and visits the same university as Ken used to. There are also changes within the CCG because they now have new members such as Mado’s daughter Akira who wants to revenge her father. There are also many suspenses: Will Ken return to his former friends such as Touka, Hinami and the other members of the Anteiku? or will he rather stay with the Aogiri tree and fight with Ayato against humans?


The second season of Tokyo Ghoul also contains many horror and fantasy elements. Not only many blood scenes can be seen but also more ghouls appears with different kagunes; even bigger ones such as the One-Eyes-Owl. Another frightening moment is as Ken starts to eat his own race meaning he eats the kagune of other ghoul to gain more strength. So he starts to get a monster due to practicing cannibalism.

Nonetheless, there are also emotional scenes included such as Jūzō (member of the CCG) recalls his past. He was captured and maltreated by the ghoul Big Madam and was used as an executioner for humans. Also Hinami (friend of Touka and Ken) recalls her time she has spent with Ken as he used to work in the Anteiku cafe. She sees a big brother in him. You start feeling with her as she kinda ‘lost’ her brother. The fact that the Anteiku and Aogiri Tree do not really like each other, Ken might be seen as an enemy.


We really like the character development in the anime. Ken makes a drastic change since season 1, not only physically but also mentally. He is stronger and shows much less emotions which seem to be the consequences of the torture in season 1. The main reason for his change is as he accepted his ghoul form. Touka starts to get more sensitive when it comes to Ken. This can be seen as Touka fights her own brother who seems to be much stronger than her as he even rips her kagune of.

Favorite Characters:

Ayato Kirishima


Ayato is the younger brother of Touka. He is much more mature in the second season as he was in season 1. He is still member of the Aogiri tree which also Ken joined. He is quite arrogant and ill-tempered. However he also seems to have a softer side which he tries to hide.


Jūzō Suzuya


Jūzō is a member of the CCG and is thrilled to destroy ghouls. However, he experienced a bad childhood as he grew up by a ghoul who tortured him. As a result, he turns out being a crazy creature who does fear neither death nor pain. He does not hesitate in killing, especially ghouls.


The art of the second season is also well done. We like the character design and the depiction of the different kagunes. The numerous fight scenes are also easy to follow. The opening theme Munou by österreich is not  bad but we definitely prefer the one from season 1. We have to admit that the opening theme in season 2 might get a bit annoying. Otherwise we enjoy the music within the anime and the ending theme (Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shinde Iku by amazarashi) is also really great.


All in all, the second season of Tokyo Ghoul is not bad but the first one is much better. There are too many fight scenes included, however these are sometimes a bit too long. Therefore the storyline itself is kinda put into the background. Also the ending is a bit lame as it does not really fit to the following season Tokyo Ghoul:re.

MikaYuu Hyakuya

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