Noragami Aragoto (2014)

Noragami Aragoto

  • Season  2 (13 episodes + OVA)
  • by Kotaro Tamura
  • based on manga


In this season Yato and Yukine finally have a good bond between them. Both return to their daily life meaning accepting jobs for 5 Yen in the hope of owning a big shrine one day. Hiyori enjoys her life and is still waiting for her soul being fixed by Yato. Season 2 shows the complicated relationship between Yato and Bishamon. The focus is especially on the past and the background of Bishamon’s enormous hatred against Yato. This leads to many fights between them. Additionally, her best Regalia Kazuma makes her thinking that he might be a traitor. More and more things are being revealed and many have to correct past mistakes.


The storyline contains an interesting plot: Bishamon falls ill and has to occur betrayal within her family who are her Regalias. On the other side, Yukine starts fearing that Hiyori might forget him one day and Yato’s past caught up with him especially because of Nora, his former Regalia. A further interesting aspect is the underworld where also the Japanese history comes up such as the story of Izanami. There are also many suspenses such as hints showing that Yato might impersonate the whole time someone he isn’t in reality. Will his friends still trust him? What really happened in Yato’s past and between him and Bishamon?


We like the fantasy elements such as the underworld. Different kind of Gods and Regalia are also present. Moreover, more and more dark phantoms appear which seem to be much stronger whereas some are controlled by a Regalia.

Not only fantasy elements are included but also emotional ones. The revelation of Yato’s past is very heart breaking. One can also see how strong the bond between the trio is as Yato suddenly disappears, both starts looking for him and does everything to find him. Also jealousy can be detected as Yato goes back to his former Regalia Nora, Yukine starts to question his own ability and help for Yato. He doesn’t really understand why Yato ‘betrays’ him. However Yato being a comic relief makes the anime really enjoyable to watch. We love the strong feeling of friendship within Noragami. Hiyori, Yukine and Yato always hold together and help each other. Even though as Hiyori finds out about Yato’s dark past, she still supports him and stays by his side. They somehow represent a perfect trio.


Additionally, the characters show an enormous development. Yukine gets much stronger and more confident as he also shows loyalty to Yato (which is by the way very well shown in the anime). Yato also undergoes some development especially as many hints are revealed about his personality as a God. There are many insights into his dark past and many secrets about his former life and his father are revealed. He seems not to be the airhead everyone thinks he is. The relationship between Yato and Bishamon also undergoes some changes as Yato somehow saves Bishamon’s life.

There are also new characters which appear such as Ebisu and Kugaha where the latter one is a Regalia of Bishamon but also a betrayer.


Favorite Characters:



Kazuma is one of Bishamon’s Regalias. He has a very calm and serious personality. In this season he shows a quite helpful side as he always tries to help other. He is also very analytical and smart. You can also see in this season that he honors he debts to Yato (which are revealed in season 2)




Bishamon is a goddess of war with a very powerful strength. She shows a lot of anger towards Yato which makes her looking as a crazy creature filled with hate. However, she also shows a huge generosity regarding her Regalias and as she hosts more and more lost souls.


The art of animation is very well done. We love the character design and the emotions are very well shown. The depiction of the background and environment are also mind blowing. The opening theme Kyōran Hey Kids!! by The Oral Cigarettes is really good, it is a catchy tune and we really like it. It is very amusing and as good as the one from season 1. Also the ending theme (Nirvana by Tia) is also great, but we prefer the opening theme. The opening themes of both seasons are awesome choices and recognizable.


All in all, we really like the second season of Noragami as it contains many action and emotional scenes. The development of the characters and the revelation of Yato’s past make the anime even more enjoyable. We totally recommend it. We are still hoping for a third season but that might never happen.


MikaYuu Hyakuya

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  1. This is one of those cases where the second season is just as good, if not better, than the first. It did make me really want a third season and I’m still hopeful that we might eventually get it. Love the characters and the world in this story. I’d really like more of it.

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