Shingeki no Kyojin (2013)

Shingeki no Kyojin

  • Attack on Titan Season 1 + OVA
  • by Tetsurō Araki
  • based on manga


Many Centuries ago, cruel creatures called Titans forced humans to hide behind a big wall. These Titans have a huge desire for human flesh not only out of hunger but also out of pleasure. The wall successfully managed to keep the Titans out for 100 years. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t stay like this: one day a colossal titan breaks through the wall and makes it open for every Titans to enter. This is the beginning of a massacre.

The main protagonist Eren Jäger witnessed a horrific loss of his mother which results him entering the Survey Corps, a military group trained to kill Titans. He doesn’t follow this path on his own, his adopted sister Mikasa and his childhood friend Armin support him. They join the brutal war against these man eating monsters and try to find a way to destroy them.


The story of the anime series is really fascinating and unique. Humanity attacked by Titans which results almost the annihilation of mankind. Humans seem to be powerless against these creatures which results them to hide behind the wall. However, Titans kinda develop and are able to break through it. We love how the anime series begins: showing the protagonists as they were children. This makes you feeling with the main character Eren Jäger as he lost his mother as a child. No episode is boring as they are showing interesting and thrilling elements. You always want to know how it continues. Will humans ever be able to find a proper way to win against the Titans?


The anime series is filled with many fantasy and horror elements as Titans appear. An interesting fact is that different kind of Titans are present which differ especially in their heights. We like that the military (Survey Corps) consists of a special equipment to destroy the man eating creatures. This equipment allows them to have a chance to defeat the creatures. Horror scenes are present because many bloody scenes are shown such as humans getting eating or even torn apart. The Survey Corps observe how their comrades suffer a painful death, which leads us to the emotional part.

The Corps suffer a lot that in every fight they lost many members. The captain of the Corps Levi seems to be cold hearted but he shows some emotions as he sees his comrades dying. The most difficult part is as they return to the city and family members are looking desperately for their fallen soldiers. This results that the Survey Corps gets humiliated because the citizens criticize them of losing again. The development of sadness and anger is well depicted in the anime series. You really feel with the characters.


However, the anime series consists of some comic relief as it contains some funny scenes. Sasha (cadet of the Survey Corps) is one character who shows funny sides as she is addicted of eating potatoes. Also captain Levi does not only have a harsh side, a funny side is that he is a cleaning maniac. One of our favorites is Hange (Survey Corps member) and her love for her experiments on Titans. She is kinda fascinated by the Titans in a way which the other members don’t understand.


One main topic is the friendship especially between Eren, Mika (his step sister) and Armin (childhood friend). They have a very strong bond and support each other in every situation. We also like the slow development of a friendship between Eren and Levi. Firstly they didn’t get along but this changes during the season.


The depiction of the characters is a further part which fascinates us in ‘Attack on Titan’. They all show a very different personality from being an airhead to coldhearted. All characters have likeable traits and are kinda supportive. The development of characters are also very well shown.


Favorite characters:

Eren Jäger (Yeager)


Eren is the protagonist of the anime and has a headstrong but also impulsive attitude. He does everything to save his friends even though he knows that he doesn’t have a chance at all. In other words, he would risk everything to save and protect  his friends and family. Even as a child he always wanted to join the Survey Corps to fight the titans


Levi Ackerman


Levi is the captain of the Survey Corps. He has a harsh personality as he does not show any emotions. Sometimes he shows that he is short-tempered. In combats he is very strong and fast compared to his comrades. He is also described as a ‘clean freak’ as he likes his environment and himself as clean as possible.


The art in the anime is very beautiful and detailed. We really love the different appearances of female and male characters. Their emotions are also great depicted especially the sad ones as you can really feel with them. The fight between humans and Titans is well done as you can easily follow it. The art really fascinated us similarly  the music. The opening theme changes after episode 13. We really love both themes even though we prefer the first one. They are catching and amusing which leads you not to skip them at all. Both consist of German words which makes it more enjoyable especially when you understand German. Not only the opening themes are great but also the endings are amazing as well.



There are also some OVA’s which give some more details to the characters and to the story.

„Ilse’s Notebook: Memoirs of a Recon Corps Member“

This episode is about Erwin’s Squad on tour. Hange is trying to capture a Titan which teases the others. She puts the lives of Levi’s Squad in danger which results them fighting. However, Hange shows again a comic relief as she is smiling while seeing a Titan. This episode is important as it reveals some important information about the Titans: SPOILER ALERT: they can speak and even show emotions.

„The Sudden Visitor: The Torturous Curse of Youth“

This episode focuses more on Jean (Survey Corps member) and his childhood for instance his relation with his mother. It is also a very funny episode; for example the cooking contest between him and Sasha. We also like the fact that Eren is weaker than Mikasa as he struggles to carry one box whereas Mikasa manages to carry 3.


This episode shows the training March in the forest with Eren and his training group. Thieves steal the equipment of the cadets and kidnap Krista (Survey Corps member). Eren and the others do everything to rescue her which shows again a strong bond between the members.


“Since that Day”

This episode is called 13.5 which means it is a summary of the first part of the season. It only shows the important scenes.

All in all, we have to admit that we were firstly a bit sceptical and unsure to watch it but we are glad that we did. We totally fell in love with it as the storyline is fantastic und unique. We totally recommend it because it shows brutal, emotional and funny elements.


MikaYuu Hyakuya


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