Tokyo Ghoul:re (2018)

  • Tokyo Ghoul re:
  • (Season 1)
  • by Odahiro Watanabe
  • based on manga


After two years, the situation in Tokyo has changed as the anti-ghoul organisation CCG starts getting more and more aggressive. Also the terrorist organisation Aogiri Tree, consisting of ghouls, has increased their power as they realize that the CCG becomes a bigger threat to the existence of ghouls. A new team has been created, the Quinx Squad, who helps the CCG to eliminate the ghouls. These members are humans who have undergone a surgery to make use of the abilities of ghouls. Their leader is Haise Sasaki, who is a half ghoul being trained by a high classed CCG member, Kishou Arima. However, Sasaki’s hidden and forgotten memories start popping up in his mind. He starts slowly to remember the real person he used to be and that this is all just a facade.

The plot of the anime series is interesting and amusing. Investigators from CCG, who actually hate ghouls, want to become like them. They undergo a dangerous surgery to receive their abilities, the kagunes. Also old organisations from the seasons before still exist such as the Aogiri tree with Ayato, Eto and with Hinami being a new member. A further interesting part are the flashbacks Sasaki gets especially during fights. Due to these confusing memories, Sasaki starts getting crazy. Will he ever gain his memories back? The fact that he is Ken Kaneki: will he ever accept his former life as Kaneki and go back to the side of the ghouls? There, we have to remember season 2 where Kaneki ended up as a ‘cannibal monster’.

The anime series contains serious topics which makes it even more interesting. For example dysphoria is visible as the ghoul investigator Tōru is often referred with ‘he’ and ‘him’ but in fact ‘he’ is actually a girl who dresses up like a guy. A further serious topic affects the main protagonist Sasaki as he suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder which is a disorder of having multiple personalities. For instance, his former ‘I’ Ken Kaneki still lives in him and tries to break out to take control over his body. This is perfectly shown in his subconscious as you can see the various personalities of him. Also his child version comes up and tries to help him.

Besides serious topics, many horror and bloody scenes are present. Some scenes show that humans are more brutal and cruel than ghouls. They torture the ghouls in horrible ways like cutting of their tongues. Indeed, ghouls have the ability to regenerate missing body parts however this does not mean that they don’t feel the same pain as humans.

We like the fact that new characters appear but also that the familiar ones stay such as Touka and Nishiki from the Anteiku cafe (where Kaneki/Sasaki has started working in season 1), Tsukiyama, Ayato and Eto, just to mention a few. The new characters are especially those from Sasaki’s Quinx Team such as Tōru and Urie.


Favorite characters:

Tōru Mutsuki


Mutsuki is very kind and also a bit shy when it comes to his self-confidence. He sees himself as weak and this leads him to frustration. He strictly follows orders and deeply shows respect to other investigators, especially Sasaki.

Shu Tsukiyama


Tsukiyama has a very selfish and cruel personality as he mostly cares for himself. However his personality changes drastically after having met Kaneki’s new group (Kaneki/Sasaki working as an investigator). He fell into a deep depression.


The anime series also shows the background stories of minor characters such as Jūzō Suzuya as he meets Big Madame again, the female ghoul who raised him as a pet. Also Urie, a member from the Quinx Squad regains some flashbacks of his father being killed by ghouls and that he wants to revenge him.


The main point in the series is the development of the characters over the seasons. For example Sasaki changes a lot in his physical appearance and his personality. From Ken Kaneki being firstly a gentle young boy into a crazy ‘beast’ and now being a ghoul investigator. A further ghoul investigator is Jūzō Suzuya who was a young crazy boy feeling numbness but now he starts showing some emotions towards others (e.g. shedding tears). Also Ayato made a drastic change from season 2. He is more attractive and used to hate Ken Kaneki but later on he accepts him as a friend . A sad development can be seen on Tsukiyama as he turns into a weak creature who suffers a lot. A very big change and maybe the biggest development can be seen on Takizawa: SPOILER ALERT: a very young ghoul investigator becomes a ghoul. However, this is not the main change, his physical appearance makes him unrecognizable. It is interesting to see how much 2 years can change people.


The art of the anime is well done as it contains many details. Therefore, the series is easy to follow, especially the fight scenes. We also like the different appealings of the characters. For example some characters show a more attractive appearance such as Touka, Sasaki, Tsukiyama and Ayato. Not only the art is well done but also the music fits perfectly into the anime. We prefer the opening theme Asphyxia by Cö shu Nie over the one from season 2.

We also really like that fact that they included the opening theme from Season 1 (Unravel by TK) as it is a very impulsive and powerful song. It kinda brings back memories of how the characters were in the first season and how everything has begun.


All in all, Tokyo Ghoul:re is an interesting and thrilling anime series. We prefer it over the previous season (season 2). This season satisfied us as it consists of many thrilling and exciting scenes. The characters made a very good development and their flashbacks made the anime amusing and sometimes emotional to watch. We definitely recommend it especially when you are disappointed with the second season, this one will bring you back the joy to watch Tokyo Ghoul again.



MikaYuu Hyakuya

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