Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder (2014)

Black Butler: Book of Murder 

  • directed by Noriyuki Abe
  • 2 OVA
  • based on manga


Earl Ciel Phantomhive hosts a dinner party for some members of the high society but also an author is present. During the party, a murder takes place and the Earl himself is suspected to have committed the crime. However, this death should not be the last one on the party. The whole Phantomhive household does everything to solve the crime as they do not want to be the next victim. However, even the demonic butler Sebastian is not safe.

The OVAs are very thrilling and amusing to watch as it contains many suspenses: who is the murderer? Are there more than one? Is there a further person? The short films refer to the mysterious game Cluedo: locked up into a big house with a murderer. Some mysterious discoveries are made just as a trick used to lock the door from indoors. Indeed, almost every step and detail seem to be important to reveal the murder case in the end.


The anime shows some new characters which have not been introduced in the anime yet such as Charles Grey and Phipps Grey (the latter one doesn’t have a big role) also known as Double Charles who are the butlers of the Queen. We also like the introduction of the guests as they all show a different personality and occupation such as an opera singer, someone from the diamond polishing business and an author, named Arthur who has a quite bigger role, just to mention a few.


Clearly, Book of Murder also consists of many amusing and funny elements. The beginning is very funny and entertaining with many action and fight scenes. Mayrin being a housemaid uses guns to fight against the butlers of the Queen. Also Sebastian who interrupts the fight with the presentation of some delicious desserts. Another funny scene is as Lau (‘friend of Ciel’) describes Ciel to Arthur as some grimming old guy with an eyepatch. One of our favorite and funniest relationships is the one between Ciel and his butler. A funny scene covers Sebastian’s fanatical love for cats: he hides them in his closet without having asked for permission. Nonetheless, the answer would be clearly ‘no’ as Ciel is allergic to cats. A further character who brings laughter is Charles Grey as he is constantly hungry and eats a lot.


Besides funny elements, the anime is also filled with dark scenes (as expected) SPOILER ALERT: Sebastian’s true demonic form is shown in a darkish way. Also the murders in the anime belong to the ‘not so happy and more dark’ aspects.


The art of the anime is fantastic as the scenery is beautiful such as the depiction of the mansion. Not only the background but also the characters have a great design including their emotions. A further positive aspect of the art is the depiction of the fight scenes which are quite easy to follow as some are depicted in slow-motion. (fight scenes between Phantomhive’s servants and the butlers of the Queen).


All in all, Black Butler Book of Murder is succeeded as it combines funny and thrilling scenes which means that you never get bored while watching it. Surprising effects are also included which makes it even more attractive. Even though the funny elements kinda dominate here, the suspense is also very impulsive. We definitely recommend this OVA if you follow the Black Butler story (even if you don’t, you will surely love it) and it does not differ a lot from the manga itself.



MikaYuu Hyakuya


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