Free! -Timeless Medley-2017

Free! -Timeless Medley-

directed by Eisaku Kawanami

Both Medleys are compilations of the 2 seasons of the anime series Free!! (Iwatobi Swim Club and Eternal Summer). In other words, both movies mostly consist of assembled scenes. However, the focus is different, whereas the first medley focuses on the Iwatobi swim club, the other one deals with the Samezuka swim team. Both begin with written words which somehow express intensiv emotions of the two main characters.

Free! Timeless Medley – Kizuna (Bonds) 

released: April 22, 2017

As already mentioned above, the spotlight here is on the Iwatobi Swim Club meaning Haru, Makoto, Nagisa and Rei. The movie shows how they have established and developed over the years. The medley mostly follows the story of the second season (Free! – Eternal Summer) where Haru struggles finding a dream and his future. 

Many scenes are added but also some have been left out. For example, the beginning and the ending are different. You can see the first meeting of Haru and Makoto as they were kids, indeed very cute. An interesting scene is as Makoto fell in the sand and Haru helped him by reaching out his hand to him.This is a meaningful scene as both anime series (season 1 and 2) starts with Makoto reaching his hand to Haru, so here it’s the other way around. In other words, Makoto is always trying to help Haru to get out of the bath or pool. Another funny aspect is that Haru used to be taller than Makoto but now it is Makoto who has grown taller than Haru.

Gekijouban Free! Timeless Medley: Kizuna (2017)

The ending is also a bit different and you can see many pictures during the credits which are quite amusing and interesting to see. 

We also like the idea that they have included Asahi and Ikuya from the movie High Speed! Free! Starting Days! Even though the appearance is quite kept to a minimum, they seem to play a bigger role in the upcoming and further anime series and movie.

Last but not least, after the credits there is a cliffhanger and a hint for the second part of the Timeless Medley.

Free! Timeless Medley – Yakusoku (Promise)

released:July 1, 2017

The second part has its focus on the Samezuka team, more precisely on Rin and Sousuke. As the first part, this one also mostly follows the second season, especially the promise made between Rin and Sousuke. The movie also deals with the ultimate team of Samezuka and Sousuke’s shoulder issue. We also like that you can see how important it is for Rin that Haru finds a dream. 

Here the beginning and the ending also contain additional scenes.

The beginning is very emotional as you see Rin and Gou’s past and how they have lost their father. For example: SPOILER ALERT: Rin got a phone call that his father died. This scene is very emotional as you can see how an important person got suddenly ripped out of his life. Every family member seems to deal differently with this heavy loss. Rin took over the role of his father as he tried to support everyone and be strong for them. He shows them how to live on and he also tries to continue his father’s dream. 

Also in the middle of the movie, you can see some new scenes. For example, Rin is preparing his trip to Australia (with Haru) and the phone conversation between him and Makoto about Haru’s situation (not having a dream) and how Rin thinks he owes him finding a dream. With these scenes, you can see how strong the relation between Rin and Haru still remains.

Gekijouban Free! Timeless Medley: Yakusoku (2017)

After the credits many new scenes and stuff have been added. A hint for the 4th movie and the 3rd season can be seen because Asahi and Kizumi have a short appearance after the credits. You can also see that Ikuya and his swimming art might play an important role in the 4th movie. Similar to part one, pictures of the Samezuka teams are mostly shown.


Side Note: in both medleys, you see the faces of the parents for the first time and both medleys start with the childhood of the main characters (Haru and Rin). We find it a bit disappointing that they give hints of Asahi and Ikuya in the opening themes but both rarely appear during the movies.

All in all, both medleys are very amusing to watch, even though they are just compilations of the first two seasons. The additional scenes make the movies even more fascinating especially those of Rin and Haru’s past and the introduction of Asahi and Ikuya from High Speed! Free! Starting Days! who did not appear in the first two seasons. Nonetheless, we still recommend watching the series as the movies left out some details.


MikaYuu Hyakuya

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