Bakemono no ko (2015)

Bakemono no ko The Boy and the Beast by Mamoru Hosoda The story is about a boy and a beast, both are quite identical in being lonely, stubborn and strong. The 9 year old boy Ren has experienced many bad things such as the death of his mother in an accident, the disappearance of his […]

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Japan Trip (Part 4: Fuji-Nara)

Part 4 is about our trip to the Fuji mountain and Nara. In fact, we had problems visiting the Fuji mountain due to a taifun. As you can see, the weather changed and we were able to visit the wonderful Fujiyama. Fuji   Nara Tōdai-ji   Kōfuku-ji   Kasuga-Taisha   Nara Park In Nara, there […]

Weiterlesen Japan Trip (Part 4: Fuji-Nara)