Free! -Timeless Medley-2017

Free! -Timeless Medley- directed by Eisaku Kawanami Both Medleys are compilations of the 2 seasons of the anime series Free!! (Iwatobi Swim Club and Eternal Summer). In other words, both movies mostly consist of assembled scenes. However, the focus is different, whereas the first medley focuses on the Iwatobi swim club, the other one deals […]

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Tokyo Ghoul:re (2018)

Tokyo Ghoul re: (Season 1) by Odahiro Watanabe based on manga After two years, the situation in Tokyo has changed as the anti-ghoul organisation CCG starts getting more and more aggressive. Also the terrorist organisation Aogiri Tree, consisting of ghouls, has increased their power as they realize that the CCG becomes a bigger threat to […]

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Saló(n) del Manga de Barcelona

Saló(n)  del Manga de Barcelona 31/10-04/11 Fira Barcelona (Spain) This post is a review of the Salon del Manga in Barcelona. In fact, it was our second time there and we went only on Saturday and Sunday. This year the convention celebrated its 25 anniversary. The weather was great, on saturday it was sunny with […]

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Luxembourg Gaming Xperience

Luxembourg Gaming Xperience 28-29 September 2019 LuxExpo The Box (Luxembourg) This post is about our review of the LGX-Luxembourg Gaming Experience. It’s our first time at the LGX and it’s the fourth edition. It lasted the whole weekend and it was much bigger as the LuxCon. We really liked it there. We cosplayed on both […]

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Bungō Stray Dogs (2016)

Bungō Stray Dogs (2016) Season 1 (12 episodes) based on a manga by Takuya Igarashi The anime starts with Atsushi Nakajima who has been kicked out of his orphanage. Strange incidents with the sighting of a mystical tiger within the orphanage leads to Atsushi’s expulsion because he was making responsible for it. So he starts […]

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Shingeki no Kyojin (2013)

Shingeki no Kyojin Attack on Titan Season 1 + OVA by Tetsurō Araki based on manga Many Centuries ago, cruel creatures called Titans forced humans to hide behind a big wall. These Titans have a huge desire for human flesh not only out of hunger but also out of pleasure. The wall successfully managed to […]

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Animagic 2019

Animagic 2019 2-4 August Mannheim (Germany) This post is about the anime convention Animagic 2019. The weather varied a lot, on one day it rained and the other day it was very hot. The organisation of the Animagic was very well done with an amazing location with the ‘Rosengarten’ (rose garden) across the street where […]

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Noragami Aragoto (2014)

Noragami Aragoto Season  2 (13 episodes + OVA) by Kotaro Tamura based on manga In this season Yato and Yukine finally have a good bond between them. Both return to their daily life meaning accepting jobs for 5 Yen in the hope of owning a big shrine one day. Hiyori enjoys her life and is […]

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Tokyo Ghoul: √A (2015)

Tokyo Ghoul: √A Season 2 (12 episodes) by Shuhei Morita based on manga This season starts with Ken Kaneki who finally accepts his ghoul form which he used to fear. He also managed to escape the torture and joins the Aogiri Tree, a militant group which used to be against him. However, being a member […]

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