Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder (2014)

Black Butler: Book of Murder  directed by Noriyuki Abe 2 OVA based on manga Earl Ciel Phantomhive hosts a dinner party for some members of the high society but also an author is present. During the party, a murder takes place and the Earl himself is suspected to have committed the crime. However, this death […]

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Animagic 2019

Animagic 2019 2-4 August Mannheim (Germany) This post is about the anime convention Animagic 2019. The weather varied a lot, on one day it rained and the other day it was very hot. The organisation of the Animagic was very well done with an amazing location with the ‘Rosengarten’ (rose garden) across the street where […]

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JapanExpo 2019

JapanExpo 2019 4-7 July Paris (France)   This is our review of the anime convention in Paris:JapanExpo. This year the convention celebrated 20 years. We only went on saturday and it was our first time. However the weather was too hot and this could also be felt inside the halls. The organisation of the con […]

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Dokomi 2019

Dokomi 2019 8-9 June Düsseldorf (Germany)   This article is about our first time at the Dokomi. The weather was okay, even though it was windy on saturday and it rained a bit. On sunday the weather was nice, a bit too hot but it was comfortable. The organisation of the convention was really great […]

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Japantag 2019

Japantag 2019 25 Mai Düsseldorf (Germany)   This post is about our experience at the Japantag 2019 in Düsseldorf. It was our second time that we visited the Japantag. The weather was really great, even though that it was sometimes too hot in the sun but a bit cold in the shadow. We spent an […]

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Ltl Comic Con 2019

Ltl Comic Con 2019 The Ltl Comic Con was a quite small (tiny) convention organised by a high school. Indeed, at the beginning not much was happening, it seemed to be quite empty. However more and more people were coming. The organisation and the program was not that bad. The latter contained some interviews, concerts […]

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Kuroshitsuji II (2010)

Kuroshitsuji II Black Butler Season 2 by Hirofumi Ogura not based on manga (means storyline not included in manga) ‘Kuroshitsuji II’ opens with the life of the young heir of the Trancy earldom, Alois Trancy. He is quite wealthy nowadays, however his past is covered with many dark sides. He was kidnapped and forced into […]

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Japan Tag 2018

Japan Tag Japanday Düsseldorf It was our first time at the Japan Tag in Düsseldorf and it was mind blowing. Here is our review and experience: We arrived in the morning before 10am. Most stands were closed and opened at 12pm, however some already sold stuff at 11 am. Some cosplayers were already present but […]

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