Saló(n) del Manga de Barcelona

Saló(n)  del Manga de Barcelona 31/10-04/11 Fira Barcelona (Spain) This post is a review of the Salon del Manga in Barcelona. In fact, it was our second time there and we went only on Saturday and Sunday. This year the convention celebrated its 25 anniversary. The weather was great, on saturday it was sunny with […]

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Luxembourg Gaming Xperience

Luxembourg Gaming Xperience 28-29 September 2019 LuxExpo The Box (Luxembourg) This post is about our review of the LGX-Luxembourg Gaming Experience. It’s our first time at the LGX and it’s the fourth edition. It lasted the whole weekend and it was much bigger as the LuxCon. We really liked it there. We cosplayed on both […]

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JapanExpo 2019

JapanExpo 2019 4-7 July Paris (France)   This is our review of the anime convention in Paris:JapanExpo. This year the convention celebrated 20 years. We only went on saturday and it was our first time. However the weather was too hot and this could also be felt inside the halls. The organisation of the con […]

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Dokomi 2019

Dokomi 2019 8-9 June Düsseldorf (Germany)   This article is about our first time at the Dokomi. The weather was okay, even though it was windy on saturday and it rained a bit. On sunday the weather was nice, a bit too hot but it was comfortable. The organisation of the convention was really great […]

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Luxcon 2019

Festival de l’imaginaire – LuxCon 2018 – Fantastik Festival 13-14 April 2019 This post is about the LuxCon, a convention in Luxembourg. The convention lasts 2 days and this time we also visited it on two days. The weather was very cold and cloudy with some snow showers but inside the hall the temperature was […]

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Ltl Comic Con 2019

Ltl Comic Con 2019 The Ltl Comic Con was a quite small (tiny) convention organised by a high school. Indeed, at the beginning not much was happening, it seemed to be quite empty. However more and more people were coming. The organisation and the program was not that bad. The latter contained some interviews, concerts […]

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AniMagic 2018

AniMagic 2018 Mannheim (3-5/8) (Germany) The AniMagic in Mannheim took place from the 3rd to the 5th August 2018. We visited it only on Friday and Saturday. Indeed, it was our first time at the AniMagic and so here is our review. The venue is very big as everything was spread over 4 floors. The […]

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Luxcon 2018

Festival de l’imaginaire – LuxCon 2018 – Fantastik Festival 14-15 April 2018 This post reviews our experience at the LuxCon 2018 in Luxembourg. The comic convention lasted for two days, however we visited it only on Sunday. The weather was great, cloudy and no rain, and perfect for Cosplayers. So we also decided to cosplay […]

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