Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder (2014)

Black Butler: Book of Murder  directed by Noriyuki Abe 2 OVA based on manga Earl Ciel Phantomhive hosts a dinner party for some members of the high society but also an author is present. During the party, a murder takes place and the Earl himself is suspected to have committed the crime. However, this death […]

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Devil’s Line (2018)

Devil’s Line based on manga 1 Season: 12 episodes + 1 OVA The anime tells the story about murders apparently caused by vampires which even reaches the network gossip. Tsukasa, a normal school girl, is quite frightened by these supernatural stories as she has constantly the feeling being watched by someone. On the other side, […]

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Kuroshitsuji II (2010)

Kuroshitsuji II Black Butler Season 2 by Hirofumi Ogura not based on manga (means storyline not included in manga) ‘Kuroshitsuji II’ opens with the life of the young heir of the Trancy earldom, Alois Trancy. He is quite wealthy nowadays, however his past is covered with many dark sides. He was kidnapped and forced into […]

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Tsumitsuki (2009)

Tsumitsuki German release 2011 by Hiro Kiyohara Manga (One Shot) The story starts with Chinatsu who is new in the city. She meets a boy named Kuroe at the shrine who tells her about ancient legends of the so-called Tsumitsuki. Those are sin gods who chase after the guilt of humans who have committed a […]

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Hauru no Ugoku Shiro (2004)

Hauru no Ugoku Shiro Howl’s Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki Studio Ghibli based on novel by Diana Wynne Jones: Howl’s Moving Castle That chaotic moving piece of architecture is the castle of the wizard Howl who is famous for being a womanizer and having magical, supernatural skills. In fact, those are the rumors Sophie Hatter’s […]

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Makai Ouji (2013)

Makai Ouji Devils and Realist based on manga by Chiaki Kon 1 Season: 12 episodes The story is about a young intelligent boy named William Twining from an aristocratic family. One day, as he returns home, he realizes that his uncle disappeared and that his family is actually bankrupt. Then, he starts searching along with […]

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