Ibara no Ou (2010)

Ibara no Ou King of Thorn by Kazuyoshi Katayama based on manga The story is about a worldwide epidemic deadly virus called ‘Medusa’. To escape from this virus, chosen people are put into a cold sleep in a capsule where they are hoping for a future cure. The young girl Kasumi is one of the […]

Weiterlesen Ibara no Ou (2010)

Paprika (2006)

Paprika by Satoshi Kon (last film before his death in 2010) based on same name novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui (1993) A window in the human psyche can be made by the world of dreams. With the development of a small device called “DC Mini”, the deepest desires, memories and even repressions can be revealed. To […]

Weiterlesen Paprika (2006)

Harmonie (2014)

Harmonie by Yasuhiro Yoshiura short film (25 min) In fact, every person is living in his or her own world and this is also the case in Akio’s class. His world contains of anime talk with his friends which is a wonderful place for him. However, he always wonders how Marina Juri’s world, a girl […]

Weiterlesen Harmonie (2014)