Kumo no Mukou Yakusoku no Basho (2004)

Kumo no Mukou Yakusoku no Basho The Place Promised in Our Early Days by Makoto Shinkai 1974: Japan is divided in two parts: Whereas the south is controlled by the United States, the Soviet Union took control over the north. In the anime movie the island Hokkaido is called Ezo where a big tower was […]

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Japan Trip (Part 3: Osaka-Kobe)

Our next destinations were Osaka and Kobe. Firstly, we were in Osaka: beautiful and more ancient city. A little hint: Osaka also has an „anime street“ (Den Den Town) filled with many merchandises and figures, similar to Akihabara in Tokyo. It is in the Nipponbashi district. We were too busy buying anime stuff that we […]

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Japan Trip (Part 2: Kyoto)

Here is Part 2 of our Japan trip. The travel continued in Kyoto, very beautiful city and a lot to see. Kyoto Tower & Nijō-jō   Kinkaku-ji & Ginkaku-ji   Heian-jingū (Heian Shrine)   Fushimi Inari-Taisha   Kyoto Aeon Mall (Namco Store) They had so many Yūri!!! On Ice merchandise. cute chiblis 🙂 And of […]

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