Yukoku no Moriarty (2016)

Yukoku no Moriarty

  • Moriarty (fr) (2018)
  • by Ryosuke Takeuchi

(Side Note: We read that one in French.)


End of 19th century, Albert Moriarty is the eldest son of the Earl Moriarty and is against the hierarchy of social classes. With his two younger brothers, he wants to follow his goal which is to bring peace to the whole country. Nonetheless, the enemy of Sherlock Holmes hides a secret.

The introduction of the manga book is quite interesting but afterwards the story starts getting a bit confusing especially the various characters. It is a detective genre which is located in the ancient time of London. It is about the noble Albert and his two adopted younger brothers who want to change the current status of the society. Especially one of the boys named William has the dream to change this inequality. We have to admit that the plot is not unique, it is a typical detective story where they solve crimes in different and special manners. The manga is a spin off from Sherlock Holmes.


One can say that the author considers serious topics while writing this story. Clearly, the inequality between rich and poor stands out. In the first chapters, poor kids were adopted and treated like trash in wealthy families. Also the nobles are not fond of the citizens who have a lower status. Moreover, a marriage between different social classes is illegal and is threatened with murder. The depiction of this inequality is very well done and sometimes quite emotional.

The characters in the manga book are more or less interesting. The most amusing character is the main protagonist William who has the dream to erase inequality in the society. He is an intelligent professor at a University. On the other side, he is a crime consultant who wants to help people. His older brothers are minor characters and therefore do not have a big role in the story.

The art of animation in the manga is not bad. The front cover with the red background and William James Moriarty in a dark suit holding a gun at his head is very appealing. We also like the back cover with a picture of the London Tower. The drawings in the book itself are very good and neat especially the character design is beautiful and the ancient designs of the costumes are very great. However some characters look very similar meaning that the reader might be confused to distinguish between them.


All in all, the manga story is a bit confusing but also thrilling sometimes. However, we do not intend to continue reading it because we are not really fond of it. It could have contained more suspenses and a greater difference in terms of character design. However, readers who like detective stories and stories about the inequality during the ancient British time might love the storyline.

MikaYuu Hyakuya

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