Sengoku Vamp (2016) (vol. 1)

Sengoku Vamp  (vol. 1)

  • (German Release 2018)
  • by Sora Hoonoki
  • manga


The manga tells the story of a young high school student named Hisaki who suddenly travels 450 years back to the Sengoku Period, also known as ‘sengoku jidai’, where the daimyōs (feudal lords) are fighting for the title of the shōgun. However, what we did not know from the history books is that vampires existed that time and Hisaki meets them soon after her arrival. So a forbidden love through time begins and Hisaki will meet many more historical characters she knows from her history class such as Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

The manga has a great storyline which is a combination of Japanese history and supernatural elements. The most interesting fact is that the famous Oda Nobunaga turns into a vampire in the story. It is very entertaining reading a manga taking you through the past. You will also learn a bit about the Japanese history itself even though there are tiny changes, especially the including of surreal things.


Indeed, the book is filled with a lot of supernatural and fantasy elements. Not only the time-traveling but also the appearance of the vampires are quite astonishing. The myths of the bloodsuckers are mostly followed which also include the burning in the sunlight, the never aging part and the strength. However, the vampires in the manga also have some special abilities such as the making of bracelets which protect the vampires from the sunlight or the ability of teleportation. The time-traveling aspect can be followed back to a psychic who is responsible for taking Hisaki to the Sengoku period.

Besides supernatural elements, there are many history aspects included. The small explanations by the author at first pages of almost each chapter help you a lot to understand the Japanese history. The setting takes place in the Sengoku period, where the main protagonist encounters famous names like Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, Toshiie and Imagawa Yoshimoto. These names might be unknown to many readers, who do not know or having learned about the Japanese history, but details about these characters are given in these tiny explanations. Therefore, you might not feel lost while reading the book even though you do not know anything about the Sengoku period.


(From left to right: Miyoshi Nagayoshi, Maeda Matazaemon Toshiie, Toyotmi Hideyoshi, Oda Nubunaga and Hisaki Ono)

The manga is also filled with some comedy aspects. For instance, Hisaki has to pretend to be male by imitating the older brother of Nagayori (servant of a vampire who has saved Hisaki). It is really funny because Nagayori always calls her: ‘my brother’. Not only comedy but also suspenses are included in the book: Will Hisaki ever be able to go back to her time period? What will happen to vampire Nobunaga, will this changes the whole history?

We really like the different characters in the manga. Some of them have also done some development especially Nobunaga. After being turned into a vampire, he becomes more rude and drinks uninhibited Hisaki’s blood. In addition he seems to have two different personalities. Not only Nobunaga but also the other characters such as Hideyoshi and Toshiie are really interesting and differ a lot in their personalities which also create a lot of funny conversations.


Favorite Characters:

Oda Nobunaga


Nobunaga is a daimyō of the Owari province. The manga describes him as goofy but also good-natured. As he is saving Hisaki, he almost dies and turns into a vampire. This transformation causes him to have different personalities. Nobunaga is very fond of Hisaki’s blood.


Toyotomi Hideyoshi


Hideyoshi is a vassal of Oda Nobunaga. In the manga he is depicted with blond hair, blue eyes and piercings. In other words, he has a quite handsome appearance. He seems to be very loyal as he tries to do everything to save Nobunaga. Additionally, he and Toshiie mostly have their disagreements.



Last but not least, the art and animation of the ‘Sengoku Vamp’ is amazing. We really like the design of the traditional clothes and the setting in the Sengoku period. The characters are also very well drawn. Moreover, the cover uses more or less traditional colors and art. The front cover shows a beautiful picture of Nobunaga as a vampire.

All in all, we really like the storyline and we will definitely continue reading it. In other words, we recommend you this manga series because it’s entertaining and informative. You will learn about the Japanese history in a new way.

MikaYuu Hyakuya


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