Kamo (2017) Manga (vol. 1)



Kamo by Ban Zarbo. The manga is about a young boy, named Kamo, who suffers from a heart disease. One day, as it seems that he is going to die, a creature appears in front of him. He introduces himself as the ghost Crimson and makes him an attractive offer. He asks Kamo to help him find and kill 12 ghosts whose souls he has to collect. In return, Kamo will get a new heart.

The manga contains a very captivating storyline. You do not know if Kamo really gets his heart or if he is able to fulfill the requirements. After having read the first volume, we really like the story. The plot is amusing and is filled with comedic elements especially between Kamo and Crimson. Their relation can be compared to the one in Death Note between Yagami Light and Ryuk. Obviously, we can not tell very much about the story because only volume 1 has been released yet.


The art of the manga is very appealing and neat. A good aspect are the fight scenes which are easy to follow. We think that the design of the ghosts turned out very well. We really like the head of Crimson because it is a mix between funny and scary. A good depiction of the emotions and reactions can be seen on the design of the characters.

Another noticable aspect is the cover because the coloration is fascinating. We think that the usage of darker colors for Crimson makes him look as an evil creature. However, with the contrast of his blond hair and his pipe, one can not take him that seriously. Furthermore, the depiction of Kamo with his hand holding his bloody heart and the clock shows the race of time.

All in all, we really liked reading Kamo and cannot wait for volume 2. We totally recommend it.



MikaYuu Hyakuya


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