Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru (2010)

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru

  • also called UraBoku
  • The Betrayal Knows My Name
  • 24 Episodes
  • by Katsushi Sakurabi
  • based on manga


‘Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru’ tells the story of a teenager called Yuki Sakurai. He has grown up as an orphan, who has the ability to see other people’s bad and painful memories by touching them. Moreover, he receives death threat notes and starts to question the reason and purpose of his life. Yuki is being watched the whole time by people who want to protect him but also by those who want to hurt him. However, he is unaware of these observations. One night, Yuki got saved by a beautiful man covered in black with silver eyes (who is later revealed as Luka). In fact, that mysterious man seems familiar to Yuki even though he has never seen him before. After this meeting, Yuki’s forgotten past seems to be awaken and the reason for his existence is going to be revealed.

The anime series has a very interesting plot which includes many suspenses: What is the meaning of Luka’s brand of Zess? What happened between Luka and Yuki in the past? Why is a Duras (demon), Luka, working with the Giou Clan (opposer of the Duras who have strong abilities and act in pairs). SPOILER ALERT: Yuki was a girl in his previous life, will he ever remember anything from his former life?


Important to mention is the appearance of many characters. So we include a short introduction to avoid any confusion. Most of them are Zweilt Guardians those who are gifted with special abilities to fight demons (demons are called here: Duras). In fact, those guardians always work in pairs:

  • Tsukumo + Tōko (are actually brother and sister)
  • Hotsuma +Shūsei (first appearance in Episode 5)
  • Senshiro + Kuroto (first appearance in Episode 14)


Kuroto, Senshiro, Tsukomo, Tōko, Shūsei and Hotsuma.

One of the most dominant elements is the family relationship between the characters. Firstly, Yuki has a very good relation to the orphan children, who sees in him an older brother. Within the Giou Clan the meaning of relationship and family is very important. Everyone want to help and protect each other. A very strong relation can be seen between the pairs of the Zweilt Guardians: Besides the siblings Tsukumo and Tōko, Hotsuma and Shūsei also share a strong bond. Their relation is very special, they can not live without each other which is shown several times in the anime series. In addition, every Zweilt Guardian has a very special relation to Yuki. However, the strongest bond can be seen between Yuki and Luka. Since their first meeting, Yuki felt a special feeling and connection to Luka. Luka always wants to protect him and never leaves his side. He will follow him no matter which side Yuki will choose at the end.


Favorite Characters:

Yuki Giou (Sakurai)


A young boy who spent his whole life in the Asahi orphanage. He has a very kind and polite personality meaning that he always uses honorifics while speaking to others. He even tries to make friends with those who hate him. However, he has a tendency to easy weeping and hates being a burden on others which leads to the hiding of his feelings.


Luka Crosszeria (Zess)


Luka belongs to the high-class Duras and is an ally of the Giou Clan. He has a very beautiful and attractive appearance. Indeed, he usually has a cold and reserved personality, but in front of Yuki he acts differently because he is completely dedicated to him. Luka does not only used to be a slave, but is also considered as a traitor by the other Duras.


Most characters in the anime have done some great developments: SPOILER ALERT

Firstly, Yuki used to feel lonely and useless most of the time. But this changes after having met Luka and the Zweilt Guardians who have shown him happiness and friendship. Hotsuma used to be very stubborn and arrogant towards Yuki; he even avoided his presence. However, as he recognizes that Yuki is different as he used to be in his former life, Hotsuma opens up and starts liking and protecting him. A further character named Kanata, who also has been raised in the Asahi orphanage, has make a drastic personality change. In the orphanage, he was like a brother for Yuki and his best friend. However, time after time, he dissociates more and more from Yuki and sees him as a enemy.

‘The Betrayal Knows My Name’ contains plenty of emotional scenes; most of them are confronted with background stories and social themes. For example, Shūsei has a very low self esteem and even avoids entering the onsen with the others because he wants to hide his scars especially in front of his partner Hotsuma. Another character suffering from his self esteem is the main protagonist Yuki. Yuki always has the feeling that no one wants or needs him. He even thinks that his own parents abandoned him. He is always followed by the feelings of loneliness. Hotsuma has a very sad and emotional childhood, because he was abandoned by his parents.


The anime series is filled with many supernatural elements such as Gods and demons. In addition, the Giou Clan members have different abilities: ‘Kami no Hikari’ (Light of God ⇒ Yuki), ‘Kami no Mimi’ (God’s Ears ⇒ Tsukumo), ‘Kami no Koe’ (God’s Voice ⇒  Hotsuma), ‘Kami no Me’ (God’s Eyes ⇒ Shūsei). Their names explain more or less their abilities. Beside God’s elements, the anime series also show different ranks of demons, here Duras. For example, some demons can possess humans and have therefore higher ranks. Such creatures are called Opasts who takes over a full beautiful human form such as Luka. A further interesting demon form is Sodom who can transform in different shapes: a little black dragon, a human-like and tanned-skinned ‘kemonomimi’ (character with animal ears and tail here cat) and a black wolf-like form.

We also like that the anime is filled with many funny interactions between the characters. Shūsei always likes to tease his partner Hostuma who then gets very impulsive. The same can also be observed between Kuroto and Senshiro. Not only the Zweilt Guardians but also Sodom and Luka are included in some hilarious scenes. One of our favorites is the Doctor’s desire to analyze Luka who of course refuses.

The opening theme (Uragiri no Nai Sekai Made sung by band Rayflower) is very amusing and a very good choice. An important aspect is that it differs from other opening themes. It begins with some spoken words at the beginning, which makes it more enjoyable. Furthermore, the art of the anime is not bad. We like the character design and the dark surroundings. Indeed, one can say that it contains many shōjo elements. For example, the scene as Luka (in an half unbuttoned shirt and sunglasses) drives Yuki to school and the girls are staring at him. Another aspect is the great character design, especially men have cute faces with big eyes. Indeed, we really like the art style.


Even though the anime series consists of vastly more male than female characters, it consists of many romantical moments. The relationships between the characters and the partners are very close meaning that some ‘yaoi’ or rather ‘shōnen ai’ elements might be detected. This can be especially seen between Luka and Yuki because Luka’s feelings to Yuki are very obvious.

All in all, ‘UraBoku’ contains a great plot with a beautiful and heart trending storyline. We definitely recommend it, because it does not only contain shōjo elements but also supernatural aspects and it is very thrilling.


MikaYuu Hyakuya

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