Japantag 2019

Japantag 2019

  • 25 Mai
  • Düsseldorf (Germany)


This post is about our experience at the Japantag 2019 in Düsseldorf. It was our second time that we visited the Japantag. The weather was really great, even though that it was sometimes too hot in the sun but a bit cold in the shadow. We spent an awesome time and we met many great and beautiful cosplayers. Our cosplay this time was: Demon Sebastian and Demon Ciel from Black Butler.


We start with some pictures we have taken with wonderful cosplayers. Again thank you to everyone for having taken pictures with us. We also received many compliments for our costumes which we really appreciated. Also a big thank you to everyone who took pictures of us.


During noon and afternoon, it got more and more crowded which means that it was almost impossible to reach the stands. While talking about the stands, not only many anime/manga stands were presented but also those related to Japanese culture and food. We also liked the organisation of the Japantag as many different activities were organised such as cosplay contests, karaoke, musicians, traditional Japanese sport etc..


Clearly, we couldn’t resist and also bought some merch at the Japantag.


As every year, the Japantag closes with an amazing firework. This time the theme was ‘travel to Japan’. The fireworks were so beautiful and fascinating. One can say that these are one of the highlights of the day.


All in all, we had an amazing time.Our favorite part was definitely the amazing and various cosplayers. We hope to meet some of you next year again or at a convention. It was a very great day for us and we will definitely back next year. We really like the Japantag as it also demonstrates the Japanese culture and the relation between Japan and Düsseldorf.

Side Note: If there are any people on the photos who want them to be removed, please let us know (^ω^) .

MikaYuu Hyakuya

8 Kommentare zu „Japantag 2019

  1. Mein Mann hat einen Kommentar über Cosplay Event zu diesem Eintrag geschrieben.
    Hoffentlich steht es nicht im Spam Holder.
    Habt ihr schon Hotel gebucht?


    1. wir haben leider nichts bekommen :/

      ja wir haben unsere Hotels schon 😀

      ne frage: wir wollen auf ein Konzert gehen wenn wir in Japan sind, wissen aber nicht wie das geht mit den kaufen von den Tickets,


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